Start the day the Yamaha way

Start the day the Yamaha way

Yamaha rev stretch

HERE at Visordown Towers we never fail to start the day with a rousing rendition of the company song, but we understand that for many others a Monday morning involves stumbling bleary-eyed into the office in the full knowledge that nothing will be achieved until at least the third cup of coffee lies empty in front of them.

Not so at Yamaha. Today the firm has introduced a new ‘Rev Stretch’ exercise routine for its workers, combining the brand slogan (‘Revs Your Heart’) with a soundtrack from the firm’s music publishing arm. Apparently it’s aimed at cutting down on stiff necks and lower back pain.

Obviously there’s a bike-related theme in there, albeit a rather forced one as illustrated in the attached picture.

No doubt you’ll be keen to give the routine a try yourselves, and fortunately Yamaha is giving us all the opportunity to do so with a special microsite that details the exercises involved and includes a video for you to follow.

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Source: Start the day the Yamaha way