Dangerous helmet warning

Dangerous helmet warning

Dangerous counterfeit helmet
Dangerous helmets were seized by Trading Standards officers

BIKERS are warned to check their helmets after a man was sentenced for selling ‘potentially lethal’ Chinese motorcycle helmets online.

Shocking photos released by Trading Standards show the damage incurred by the counterfeit lids after they failed safety tests. Any biker in an accident wearing these helmets would have received an impact ‘six times more forceful’ than permitted by law, Trading Standards officers reported.

The helmets were supposed to undergo five impact test but were already destroyed after the second, by which time they would be passing G-forces of 1,000 to the wearer (the legal limit is 275 G).

The red and black lids were branded Jiekai JK1000 and were found to buckle when squeezed by hand. The chin straps could also be ripped off.

A Trading Standards officer described them to Visordown as ‘next to useless’ and ‘potentially lethal’.

The helmets all bore an authentic-looking hologram safety sticker that could easily fool an untrained eye.

The dangerous helmets were discovered during a raid of a warehouse belonging to Moortaza Walji from Peterborough. Walji was selling the lids through his own trading name Bargain World UK Ltd as well as a number of other retailers.

At Peterborough Crown Court he pleaded guilty to 15 charges including the sale of unsafe motorcycle helmets. He received a six-month suspended sentence and 180 hours’ community service. He must also pay costs of £13,000.

Trading Standards has contacted around 30 customers to make them aware.

All of the counterfeit helmets will now be destroyed. Judging from the one in our picture, it won’t be difficult. 

Visordown reported on the helmets being seized last year.

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ILR – Determination and Resolve at Oulton Park

ILR – Determination and Resolve at Oulton Park

Oulton Park in Cheshire and the third round of the Hel Motostar British Championship was the latest destination in Team ILR’s early season travels over the May Bank Holiday weekend, with the team looking to build on their consistent points scoring following the first two rounds at Donington Park and Brands Hatch.

A circuit walk with team owner Ian Lougher provided Vasco van der Valk with an invaluable track learning exercise going into the weekend but free practice proved to be a bit of a lottery due to the rain hit second session in which JoeThomas crashed out, and first qualifying looked as though it too was going to be held in wet conditions.

However as the rain made way for dry sunny spring weather, this did little to brighten things for Thomas!!

Travelling at speed in fifth gear on only his second lap, the young Welshman was knocked off his bike by Joel Marklund who had almost took him out half a lap previously on the start/finish straight. Thankfully Joe wasn’t seriously injured, but it was left to van der Valk to finish the session the highest placed team rider in 13th with Thomas down in 26th through no fault of his own.

Second qualifying would see Vasco improve by almost half a second to finish 14th quickest overall, but with Joe understandably not taking part in the second session, he was left with a mountain to climb from 30th place and the tenth row of the grid.

The team worked tirelessly late into the night to put Joe on the grid and, with only one race this time, it really was a case of no second chances. However, everyone’s efforts were rewarded when Joe produced a terrific performance to again finish in the points.

On the opening lap, Thomas gained 13 places to slot into 17th with van der Valk holding his starting position in 14th. A lap later and Joe was in the points and right with his team-mate. By half-race distance Thomas was holding 14th but there was a big gap to the 13th place man, van der Valk meanwhile had dropped out of the points in 17th but there was nothing in it as they diced with Josh Owens and Mike Brouwers.

With 13th position out of reach the battle between the four for 14th was providing terrific entertainment with positions changing with very lap.

Both the Team ILR lads were giving it everything and at the all important chequered flag it was Thomas with his fastest lap of the race on the last lap at 1:49.446 who clinched the two points, with his team-mate van der Valk riding strongly to also record his fastest lap on the final circuit at 1:49.294 to get the verdict for 15th. 

So, a meeting which saw the team work incredibly hard and maintain their 100% points scoring, with the next round at Snetterton on June 18-21.

However, in the meantime the team will soon begin preparations for the world famous Isle of Man TT races which begin at the end of this month. Team ILR owner Ian Lougher is looking forward to once again working with Dan Hegarty in a**ociation with Downshift Motorsport and also overseeing the official Paton entry with rider Michael Rutter.

Team ILR would like to pass on their grateful thanks to Richard Beaumont for all his help driving the team truck, setting up the awning and helping with Joe’s bike following his big crash, it was very much appreciated.

Vasco van der Valk in action at Oulton Park.
Photo: Jon Jessop

Team ILR owner Ian Lougher :

”Well what an odd weekend that was.. very difficult, challenging and disappointing at times, but we plugged away to find a good set up on Vasco’s bike, and repair Joe’s bike after a huge crash in Q1, and got both riders in the points once again. 

A massive thank you must go out to Jacko, Matt, Alun and Mic Mac for working tirelessly on Joe’s bike after a crazy move was put on Joe on only the 2nd lap of qualifying on the fastest part of the track by Joel Marklund who came past so close he took the handlebar out of Joe’s hand.!!!!

I am so glad Joe wasn’t seriously injured and at first the bike looked like it was a write off, but after using up just about all our spare parts we managed to get him out in the race and gain some points.”

Joe Thomas :

“Biggest thanks ever to the team for getting the bike ready after disappointingly being knocked off in Q1. But I enjoyed the race after starting from 30th. And thank-you to all the sponsors and to everyone who came for support!” 

Vasco van der Valk :  

“Another great weekend with Team ILR! Oulton Park is an incredible track, but it’s not easy to go fast there. The wet practice and the dry one made it quite hard to get to learn the track better and set-up the bike for it, but in the race it all turned out great. The fight for the last points was all I could manage, in a group of four and only two places with points I had to make sure to be in the right place at the finish. I waited a bit in the rear in the last few rounds and overtook two riders in the last one. I wanted to pass Joe as well, but I was just too late to even try that. We both took points and had an amazing battle, so I’m quite happy! Only downside to finishing this race is the next one is still 6 weeks away…     ”

Source: ILR – Determination and Resolve at Oulton Park

Tax for first time rf100

Tax for first time rf100

Hi I bought a 00 Suzuki bandit that had never been taxed

I wrote to Shannon requesting the rf100 form

Got it back today part filled out in my name saying

"Overleaf please find part completed rf100 form which should be used without delay for the first licensing (taxing) of The vehicle at your local motor tax office"

Does this mean I can now tax it online or do I have to go into the office?


Source: Tax for first time rf100

TT course will be a no-drone zone this year

TT course will be a no-drone zone this year

Visitors to the TT this year will be warned against the use of unmanned aircraft, or so-called drones, over the TT course.

With the increasing popularity of drones – used in recent years for matters as diverse as aerial photography and surveying of buildings – organisers of the annual event in June are concerned about the possible hazards of spectators using drones for aerial photography.

Ramsey MHK Leonard Singer said he had raised the matter with organisers.

‘I was concerned about people flying them over the TT course perhaps following riders and I had a letter back from the organisers saying they were aware of the potential problem but it was actually illegal to do so,’ he said.

‘They said they wanted to address the issue before they were forced to do so by some sort of incident.

‘So I have now asked them to put out a clear message before TT this year telling the public that it is not allowed.’

In fact, he said latest legislation now in place would prohibit the use of unmanned aircraft within 50 metres of the TT course and  also impose a fine of up to £2,500 for any contravention.

In support of the move a poster is to be used to drive the message home, depicting an unmanned craft with a cross through it and a reminder of the maximum fine.

Southern 100 organisers have this year also reminded all accredited photographers that drones are not permitted near the Billown course citing its proximity to Ronaldsway airport as the reason.

John Turner
Source: TT course will be a no-drone zone this year

Accommodation wanted 4 ngihts 4th – 8th June 2015 Douglas or Onchan

Accommodation wanted 4 ngihts 4th – 8th June 2015 Douglas or Onchan
Hi, I am looking for accommodation for 4 nights for two people from Thursday 4th June to Monday 8th June for my husband and his friend. They will be flying in and on foot so Douglas or nearby would be great if possible. Hope someone can help! Many thanks. Sharon
Source: Accommodation wanted 4 ngihts 4th – 8th June 2015 Douglas or Onchan

Favourite watering hole of bike fans York Hotel to reopen in time for North West 200

Favourite watering hole of bike fans York Hotel to reopen in time for North West 200

The York Hotel in Portstewart could be open for business again within a fortnight

The famous York Hotel in Portstewart has reportedly been sold and will reopen in time for the North West 200 motorcycle races.

The York on Station Road in the seaside town gives its name to a famous hairpin corner on the circuit and is used as a vantage point and watering hole for countless bike fans.

It closed in January this year to the disappointment of thousands of bike enthusiasts and regular customers and there were fears it would not be open for this year’s races – the biggest sporting event on the island of Ireland.

Around 250,000 people regularly head to the north coast for the premier road racing event that draws top flight competitors from all over the world.

The hotel went into liquidation owing more than £600,000 to creditors.

York Inn Leisure and Retail Ltd director Richard John Pollock (44) was disqualified from acting as a company director for seven years following PAYE, national insurance and VAT irregularities as well as dishonoured cheques.

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment accepted 88 Disqualification Undertakings and 12 orders were made in court disqualifying directors in the financial year commencing April 1, 2013.

The popular hotel went on the market on March 20 this year, with offers of above £575,000 invited.

Agents described the property as a business

“Ready to Open”.

They said:

“The York has traded strongly in the past and was popular with both local residents and visitors to the area.

“It’s a bright, modern, well-equipped property that offers the successful buyer a “ready-to-go” business proposition and, in particular, the opportunity to reopen quickly and take full advantage of the seasonal trade.

“Portstewart and the surrounding area attract many holidaymakers and tourists due to the variety of activities on offer and the spectacular scenery and coastline.

“This particular property benefits from its location overlooking the Atlantic, so while we are expecting strong interest from licensed operators, it is also attracting interest from developers on account of its setting on a 0.35-acre site.”

The business, which features heavily in TV coverage of the famous races, is now believed to have been sold to a family firm .

It is said the company plans to run it as a hotel and have it open in time for the big race meeting in just two weeks.

Colin O’Carroll

Source: Favourite watering hole of bike fans York Hotel to reopen in time for North West 200

Cork Coffee Meet-Up – Saturday 10am, Brackens in Blackpool

Cork Coffee Meet-Up – Saturday 10am, Brackens in Blackpool

Hi all,

To be honest, with Magnet’s passing I’ve been thinking about how that has brought those of us on bikes together. Why not try and carry that sense of community on?

There’s no obligation on anyone to come along, no need to confirm attendance or any of that stuff, but it’d be nice to meet some faces, new and old. It’s not a ride out as such, it’s just a meet up for coffee and talk s***e about bikes for a while. Stay for ten minutes, stay for an hour, up to you.

Where? Brackens Bakery on the Old Mallow Road, Upper Blackpool (Map: https://www.google.ie/maps/place/Bra…7263ff!6m1!1e1)
When? This Saturday May 9th at 10am.

You don’t have to be punctual and I know that I may end up there on my own but I’ll have a book or magazine to read so there’s no problem. Hopefully though I’ll see some of ye there.

Source: Cork Coffee Meet-Up – Saturday 10am, Brackens in Blackpool

Top 10 TV motorcycle ads

Top 10 TV motorcycle ads

TV ADVERTS are usually little more than annoying interruptions, but on occasion the ad men prove they’re capable of making witty, clever or simply insane creations that truly grab your attention and stick in the memory.

These days it’s rare to see a bike advertised on TV at all, at least in the UK, but that’s not always been the case, and the wonder that kids today call ‘the internet’ means it’s now possible to trawl through time and space to see bike ads from other eras and other countries.

Of course, it’s something of a mystery as to (a) who would have originally recorded these ads, presumably on video, and kept them for posterity and (b) who would then opt to convert them to digital format and upload them to the web for all to see. But clearly people do it, and their obvious overabundance of free time means there’s something there to fill a few minutes of yours.

You probably won’t agree with all our picks for the best 10 bike ads, so please feel free to make your own suggestions.

Each headline is a link to the relevant video.

Madness Motocompo Honda as

10: Madness and the Motocompo

Remember that episode of the Simpsons where Homer discovers his image is being used as ‘Mr Sparkle’ on a Japanese advert? Well in real life the country’s can seem are just as odd, none more so than this Honda effort featuring Madness and a Motocompo. Okay, strictly speaking the firm is advertising the City car (which the Motocompo scooter was designed to fit inside), but the bike makes an appearance nonetheless. Oh, and the pure ’80s-ness of Honda’s ads got even more intense in 1986 when the firm used Grace Jones to inexplicably push the pop-up-headlight Spacy scooter

John Travolta in a Honda ad

9: John Travolta on a Honda

These days it would probably cost a couple of yachts to get John Travolta to plug your product, but back in 1974 Honda used the then-unknown aspiring actor to be the face of its US-market bike commercials. Complete with an intensely chirpy soundtrack and saccharine sentiment that was at odds with the prevalent image of bikes at the time, these ads helped Honda break into the mainstream in the states.

Kawasaki ZX-12R vs Porsche

8: Kawasaki ZX-12R vs the Porsche

Given the ever-increasing difficulty in illustrating speed in adverts – something that’s become almost impossible today – Kawasaki’s ZX-12R must have been a tricky one to come up with ideas for. After all, speed was pretty much all it was built for. So showing how it terrified a Porsche was a clever solution to the problem. Other ads at the time like this and this did it without even showing the bike at all.

Kawasaki ZX-6R police speed trap funny

7: Kawasaki ZX-6R speed trap

Surely this must be the work of the same ad minds as the one above, although in this case they’re not so shy about showing some real speed. While you’re killing time, check out the second in the same series here.

Bajaj Pulsar TV ad

6: Bajaj Pulsar. No, really.

We’ve been steering clear of the clichéd wheelies-and-knee-down promo films (as well as the even more tired ‘riding-off-into-the-sunset, freedom-and-individuality’ tropes that every ad agency seems to turn to when faced with a motorcycle to promote, usually accompanied with a ‘Born to be Wild’ soundtrack), but this one makes the grade because it shows better riding than most, and does it all on the least likely of bikes.

Funny Aprilia ad

5: Aprilia’s rhythm magazine

Remember when p*** came in magazines instead of on the internet? The original RSV Mille dates back to those days, although we doubt that most Aprilia owners would like to be a**ociated with the particular s**ual preferences of the lead character in this ad.

GSX-R dog walking ad

4: GSX-R1000 and the dog

Another of those adverts that dates back to the days when it was permissible to attempt to a**ociate performance with motorcycles, throwing in a bit of humour along the way. Can you imagine the tabloid ‘ban this killer death bike’ response and tidal wave of faux outrage from the Twitterati if an ad like this was shown on British TV today? And to think it was only around a decade ago that you were allowed to smirk at stuff like this.

Aprilia real bikes ad

3: Aprilia ‘real bikes’

You’ve got to admire the fact they chose a toy Ducati as the object of derision in this ad. It doesn’t appear to have actually swayed many buyers, if sales figures of Aprilias compared to Ducatis are anything to go by, though.

Norwegian think bike ad

2: Norwegian road safety ad

Motorcycle road safety campaigns are usually pretty tough watching – after all, the slaughter of a group of road users isn’t really the sort of subject that easily lends itself to comedy. But this Norwegian effort bucks the trend and sticks in the mind rather better than the far more earnest ads that we usually end up getting fed.

Triumph Rocket viral ad

1: Triumph Rocket III viral

We’ve broken the rules slightly here, since this was never a TV ad but a viral internet video. But it’s arguably the funniest promotional vid ever made for a motorcycle by any manufacturer, which is all the more surprising since Triumph is usually very serious about its image. We especially like Triumph’s ‘resident gurning fool’.

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